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Recent Photos A full list of photos, arranged by time.
2009.April.11 Joe & Anne's 80th Birthday Pictures
2008.November.29 Opal Creek Pictures
2008.October.1 Martin Does Buenos Aires Pictures
2008.August.6 Family trip to Crater Lake Pictures
2008.July.6 Daum that Family, 2008 Pictures
2007.Dec.25 Christmas again, already? Pictures
2006.Dec.25 Christmas trip to Cooper Spur with Herons, Greg & Gillian, Fred & Mary Beth, and Marge & Costa.  Pictures here.
2006.Sep.16 Fred and Mary Beth get married! Pictures here.
2005.Sep.02 We went a small get-together at the Heron's to meet Fred's nieces and Mary Beth's Dad, Ed. Pictures here.
2005.Aug.23 Back to the Alsea River for our annual camping trip. We spent three days and nights lounging about, wading, chasing crawdads, riding bikes, and tending the campfire. Pictures here.
2005.Aug.22 Visited Robert and Miriam's new place outside of Dallas, OR. Richard & Lara with their boys, Kim & Celia with theirs. Dede and girls, Dick & Patty, Marge & Costa, and Egan & Spike, et al., Evan & Shannon, Brooke & LB, Alessandra Pictures.
2005.Jul.23 We spent the third week of July at the Eliot Institute at Seabeck (a Unitarian family camp)
2005.Jun.11 Costa's 70th Birthday Celebration at Brooke's
2004.Dec.18 Zoo Lights and Riley's Zoo Outreach
2004.Dec.17 Sans-Cousins' Party at Greg and Gillian's
2004.Nov.28 Thanksgiving trip to Orcas Island
2004.Sep.25 Went to the zoo for an outreach concert for Portland Conservatory (Riley's violin school)
2004.Sep.24 Visiting Dave Dunning at Portland International Raceway with Riley and James 
2004.Aug.14 Annual Alsea River camping trip
2004.Jul.24 We spent the third week of July at the Eliot Institute at Seabeck (a Unitarian family camp)
2004.Jul.09 Marge and Brooke celebrated their 75th and 50th birthdays (respectively)
2004.Jun.30 A political poster that I made with my son, Riley
2004.Mar.06 Kim and Celia get hitched in a touching ceremony at their house